Your Filmmaking DIY Guide – Film Riot Rocks!

Film Riot is to Filmmakers as a Mike’s Hard Lemonade stand is to the inhabitants of the Atacama Desert. (the driest dessert on earth).

Hosted by writer/director Ryan Connolly, his brother Josh and some other people; this is a non-stop-barrel-of-monkeys – How-To & DIY web based program regarding all things Movies & Media with a special emphasis on special effects.

You can even actually email your questions and they will very likely get answered in the form of a laugh out loud video tutorial that the whole world can enjoy.

You know the saying… (if one person says/asks it, 10 -10,000 people are thinking it). So don’t be shy – this benefits everyone! Ask away, or browse their amazing topics.

Even after years of following Film Riot, I have found ALL of their content to be relevant, straight forward and forward thinking.

They’ve covered every such topic such as; how to crash a car (without actually crashing it), how to jump off a building (without actually dying), how to create a dramatic war scene (without actually going to war), how to make a model helicopter look like a real one and the list goes on and on. They also include interviews and up to date industry related tech reviews.

For the most AWESOME and convenient – film making learning pleasure, you can easily catch all of their episodes at

On a more serious note, they are real filmmakers as well. Do check out their shorts; TELL and LOSSES and of course watch the behind the scenes and directors notes.

So go ahead… check out their site. Feel free to do a search. Get crazy. Search; “how to shoot someone in the face” “how to get Harry Potter effects”, “how to make it rain”, “how to create vomit” “how to make it look like guts are coming out of a shirt”. You will NEVER EVER be bored or disappointed with Ryan and Josh at Film Riot TV. It is the place filmmakers absolutely need to be. (No, I didn’t mean to make that rhyme).

Shanti Goth: Screenwriter, Assistant Director, Casting, Extra

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